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Podcasting…. An expensive hobby. A labor of love! From high end recording equipment, to software licensing and onto web and file hosting – This is an expensive endeavor that has been funded our of Josh and Brandon’s pocket. If you feel you want to contribute to making this the very best we can make it, here are a few ways to help:

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    Monetary donations will be used to reimburse the costs of producing and maintaining the show. Equipment, software, hosting – etc. These are all recurring expenses that we pay out of pocket. Feel free to give any amount that you’d like. All donations help – Thank you!

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  • Limited Edition Drinking Glasses

    Every year we offer a new, LIMITED EDITION, drinking vessel that you can enjoy your favorite beverage from.  9 out of 10 Brawlers agree that whiskey, scotch, wine and even water taste better when drinking it from a glass emblazoned with the Brawling Brothers logo.  Purchase your very limited edition piece of glassware today and discover what your pallet has been missing. EVERYTHING tastes better from a Brawling Brothers glass.


    Tshirts, Hoodies, Pillows, Phone Cases and MORE! The official Brawling Brothersstore on Redbubble is your source for branded Brawling Brothers goodies. We make a percentage of each sale made on RebBubble and want you well dressed. Slap the double eagle on your chest and proudly fly our colors!

  • Contribute Copies of Games

    Our show reaches a large number of listeners and continues to grow with each new episode. Developers / Publishers providing a review copy of a game is an excellent way to showcase a product and it ensures that Brawling Brothers is able to showcase a wide variety of games. Brawling brothers is always excited to work with publishers to help promote their games. Reviews, previews and giveaways go a long way towards gaining exposure and we are happy to bring your product into the spotlight. If you would like to contribute games, please contact us. Review copies can be directed to:

    Brawling Brothers
    6002 Hemlock NW
    Albuquerque, NM 87114